Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to answer a few common questions like: “Do I have to Install My Own Cabinets?” and “Are D&R Cabinets Painted or Stained?” Read more below or contact us today with your own specific inquiries.


Is there a warranty on the cabinets?

Yes, there is a 5-year limited warranty. Read more about our cabinet warranty information.


What are the cabinets made of?

While most other cabinets are made of particular board, ours are made of plywood which is built to last. 

Are cabinets from D & R Home Studio painted or stained?

Both! There are many paint AND stain options available. Click here to choose your style.

It seems overwhelming trying to find the right cabinets for my home, can someone help me?

Understandably, designing your dream home is not an easy task and that’s why we’re here to help you from conceptualizing the design to full on installation and finish!

Do I have to install my own cabinets?

No! We offer a complete installation!

What if I want other projects done with my cabinets, will D & R help with those?

We offer complete home design and remodel.

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