D & R Home Studio is bringing in the new era of cabinetry with style and class to your home. Living in luxury is more attainable than ever with our custom designs and remodeling.  We are authorized partners with Sollid and Envy luxury cabinetry suppliers to bring you the very best solutions for your home. Welcome in a new way of living.


We bring our decades of experience to your home by offering usable premiere cabinetry & design that is built to last. We are constantly raising the bar in our industry with every home we touch by putting quality craftsmanship at the forefront of our priorities.

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Bathroom Solutions

Your bathroom is more than just a private room, it’s the place where you can relax, let your hair down, or even put it up! The bathroom is the center point for beauty and health and it should reflect that. Level up your bathroom with one of our pristine cabinet lines and a custom design plan to accompany it.




Media Walls

Spruce up your home’s entertainment with a media wall that knows how to get the most out of a room while providing the most functionality for a busy household. A media wall can take a room and bolster it into a place that has everything you need to entertain in one spot while simultaneously improving the value of your home. Our media walls are custom made to everything you may ever need and wish for from a media wall.





Kitchen Cabinets

The key to unlocking an immaculate kitchen starts with the cabinets. Often overlooked, cabinets are the foundation of every great kitchen because they are the base aesthetic and the most used feature in every kitchen. Investing in quality cabinets up front paired with our industry-leading designs will have you never wanting to leave the kitchen ever again. The love you pour into your cooking will reflect with the love you pour into your kitchen.



Office Organization

An office is a place where we critically think, make decisions, learn, and conduct business, which means your success is greatly influenced by your office. Your office greatly reflects your work, so don’t let it hold you back by not providing you the utmost value possible. Investing in a quality office is the right way to maximize your efficiencies, organization, and overall workflow. Let us show you how you can reach new heights by transforming your office into the ultimate study.



About D&R Home Studio

What Makes Us Different?

Our parent company D & R Design (licensed, bonded and insured) performs all our installations. D & R is your “one stop shop” for: 

  • Interior Design
  • Huge Product Selection
  • Style Consultants
  • Installation Experts
  • General Contractor/Remodeling Services

We are and authorized dealer for Sollid & Envi Cabinetry.